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Full Version: Weapon Recoil
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I know there have been complaints about recoil, but how do you guys suggest that we fix that?

We changed some of the settings in the svn. To be basically as follows

pistol: almost no recoil, but still more than it is now
m16: little recoil, but noticeable
smg: between m16 and ak
ak-47: significant recoil makes full auto nearly unusable.
shotgun: slightly more recoil makes rapid fire a little harder to use

snipers had no change

Do you like these changes, do you think they could be improved, or do you prefer how it is now?
As a note we will have a mutator for reduced/no recoil.
I really like the new recoil system. The only complaint of course is the "Reset time"; ie, when you fire full auto, the crosshairs go to near vertical, then slowly reset to default. You can notice this on the AK. Go "rock n roll" with the AK till it runs dry. It'll take a long time for the AK to aim back to its original position.

The M16 and SMG arent that noticable.

IMO, i think it still should be a game mode, not fully implemented as the standard mode as some people wont like it.
What if we combined it with the hardcore/realistic game-mode? That way it would continue to be more realistic.
Yeah! That'd be better. It would still be beginner friendly, but challenging for us vets. =)
I agree with that suggestion. Instead of having a "steady" mutator, we can use the low recoil set by default, with double (or any reasonable factor) recoil in the "hardcore" mode. "Hardcore" can also reduce the HUD elements, but there should be a setting to bypass hardcore HUD effects.

Hardcore should also eliminate perks to make combat more realistic. this is from my experience with the recoil-beta testing. With hands and steady perks, the recoil drops to almost normal ACR levels.

BTW, what do you think should be in the "hardcore" HUD? IMO, just the Fire Mode, # of spare clips, compass, and maybe health if ACR can't have a bloody screen to indicate health status
I thing that in hardcore mode, would not be on hud(but could be use a bloody screen to tell heal) and crosshire could be remove in hardcore. Of corse you can this back on mutator

That recoil update sounds good. but could you made it on high when shoot full auto, it go back only stoping shoot.
In hardcore, since you are killed easily, the health is negligible. Just the fire mode, ammo count, compass, and console/chat. The crosshair will be hidden by default, but you can bypass it.

The recoil will be reduced back to before, but slightly higher, and then the high recoil will be used for "hardcore".
Hey Victor, is there a way to make the screen bloody and stay bloody when you're hurt?

I understand that health is negligible, but it helps remind you to seek cover and get a health pack.
In hardcore, the health counter will disappear, but not the bloody screen.
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