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Full Version: MemLeak in Infinite Loop
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While playing through this game I have found a relatively serious error I have seen others have reported also. We have a MemLeak somewhere in an infinite loop that causes the program to keep allocating more memory till it crashes. If everyone could report if they see this where in gameplay it was that would help a lot for us to find it. Hopefully we can find a common factor that lets us find and remove this error.

ruler501-During a Single Player Keep the flag game right after I killed a bot close to the one holding the flag.


Keep the Flag-1

Single Player: 1
I have this error too. Sometimes the AC_client freezes and crashes. Other times, it makes my computer BSOD.

At first, the game uses about 100 MB of RAM. I notice when ACR freezes, it jumps to about 300 MB of RAM.
It goes up to 4GB for me, and a white screen. This is a well-known crash that I could not fix.
Can any of you remember what you were doing when this happened? If we can find similarities maybe we can figure out where in the code we should be looking.
I never had this bug at playing AC or ACR but a very similar bug happened several time when I played Cube. I think, without being sure, the problem is in a part of the code that already existed in the cube source.
Assuming that the bug is in AC, if we can find out where it is, then at least we can fix this bug. We can even create a wiki entry about it, so that other Cube mods (even AC) can fix their code.
Here is a screenshot of the process when it crashed:
[Image: g6N1Doe.png]

I don't believe it's that though, I believe it's an OpenAL/Sound error because it mostly occurs when I start shooting. Look at the priority of the "pulseaudio".
what were you doing when it crashed? What gamemode, were there bots, was it multiplayer?
I think it was Multiplayer by myself with bots, but as always, it freezes when I start shooting.

It has happened in Singleplayer too.