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Full Version: Cube 2 Engine
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I think we should make the jump to Cube 2. Better graphics and better heightfielding are my reasons. Anyone else agree?
Of course I agree...but... Cube 2 is much larger than Cube "1". That means to make it feel like AssaultCube (which includes a lot of code modifications, I think) will be quite a lot of work to do Sad . Also the lightweigth 60 mb of AC® and its low system requirements will be lost. All in all: If someone has enough time (and skill - I myself don't Wink ) for that - let's go!
Cube 2 for sure.Its a lot better graphics and if we want to make acr better than Cube 2 engine is the way how to do it!!
Mod or Subfork to the Cube 2 Engine... Why not ?

Abandon the original Cube Engine I'm against it.

About graphics, I don't understand in what measure They are better with the Cube 2 Engine. The textures, skins and models are used by the engines but are not part of them.
If u look at some cube 2 vids and then ACR you can see that cube 2 just looks better.Lighting and shading are really nice and water too
maybe not abandon the original ACR, but rather make the Cube 2 version Assault Cube Reloaded 2. We would still update the original along with the new one. That way people who don't have supercomputers can still enjoy the game.
Sauerbraten and cube 2 doesnt require supercomputer.
I've said before that I might create a Red Eclipse/Cube 2 mod in the future, with a similar purpose compared to ACR.
Ok, the Cube 2 Engine doesn't require a supercomputer but, with the games made with, to keep a decent FPS in most of cases, the needed computer must be more powerful than an average computer.

With the Cube 2 Engine, more there are polygons, even hidden, in the player's field of view, more the FPS is low. In a little map, like douze or metl3, it remain fluid but with big maps, like valhalla or k_rpg1, the FPS is easily under five.
i know it doesnt require a supercomputer, it was just an expression
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