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Full Version: Possible playermodels
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I disagree with this suggestion because :

* it is forbidden by its licence, that prevent from convert into an other format without violate copyright;

* the format of defaut playermodel is the md2 format and, due to the kind of priority of the md2 format over the md3 format, a mod including an md3 playermodel can't work properly (when it try to load a 3D model, the game search first an md2 file and, if it doesn't find, search an md3 one);

* this model seems to have a number of polygons insanely big.

Except this, this playermodel seems to be cool...

There are two things I suggest you : create a playermodel based on this one in the md2 format (not md3) or, if you have enough informations about the mdl format, develop a source mod that support it.
i didnt know about the copyrights and i meant to say md2. but i dont know how to model, but i do know that we need new playermodels