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Full Version: Progressive Grenade Zombies
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I have been hearing a lot of complaints about the grenade zombies in progressive mode. I thought that if the community doesn't like them we should remove them or change them. Please vote on this poll with what you'd like the Grenade zombies changed to. This will help us understand what people want from the game. It might also be good to post why you would like it to be the way you want it. This poll will be open for 1 week so the results can be incorporated into the next release.
If they don't get explosives, it makes it too easy. It might be too difficult if they explode immediately though.
That's why I have the two middle options. I think the dropped nades are an interesting concept. That is what is currently running on my server.
I dunno, Im a bit between both make them explode immediately and drop nade option. I've played games with both systems (Combat Arms explodes immediately, CoD has almost a drop nade), but personally, i felt that drop nade was more forgiving. The thing i do dislike about the drop nade function is that you have no idea which zed is gonna drop a nade. In CoD, at least they would light up in red.
It makes the game more intense and vision will tell you where the nades are.
The best option is to have dropping nades because it's too difficult if the zombies explode immediately, and it's too easy if it is removed.

We'll continue to run the poll, but I'll go ahead and make the change. However, the last round is supposed to be hard, so I think they should still explode on the last round.
Maybe have a quarter of them explode on the last round instead of half though that might not work.
On the last round, all of them explode (same as before).