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Full Version: Chatbox for ACR forum
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I didn' know where post this but I think there should be a chatbox(at least a shoutbox) becouse then it would be easier to communniate with other users online.Just my opinion!
Something on here could be implemented: (ask victor though)
You could try the IRC (#acreloaded on freenode)
Well, it would be convenient if we had a page right here on the forums and/or the main site.
Yea!Next to the "Wiki" tab at the header.
Or something like what facebook usesp
The person who wrote the chatbox/irc client for this forum offered to help add it here if you'd like victor. It has like all the features Nickname completion, highlighting, multiple channels, and lots of configurable settings. Image below and website here

[Image: omnomirc_2.5.png]

We'd need php, mysql and free space to run it(it saves all text chatted in base64)
to connect to IRC you need php5-cgi and ssh access.
The new post bot would need python on a server

EDIT: added lots of new information
Hey, I'm the one who would be willing to spend my time setting it up.
(I didn't make it all the way ruler501, I just took programming over and added awesome features and fixed bugs and fully know like all the code by now etc.....)
So yeah, it would require on the server php and mysql for http access, client-side a browser with javascript and ajax (wait, i forgot, i added text-based browser support for browsers like elinks >.<)
I would personally recommend putting it on a seperate server to have the forum server seperated from the chat server, isn't a must though. If that is done it still requires some setting up on the forum though, for checking if your logged in and if your a admin.
It can also connect to real IRC, in fact to as many real IRC networks as you want, so far only tested two, but it should work with like over 9000. For that it requires a php irc bot running on the same server as the irc chat widget does.
If you guys wanne go pro then you could also use a python2 irc bot which automatically posts new posts of a forum, that one can be run from any server.
Well, is it really necessary? We don't have any outbound access on this server except SMTP. I don't think it's worth having another server for this.
I think it could run off of this server. I'm sure sorunome will answer any questions tomorrow, but I thought he said it was possible.
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