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Full Version: "Akimbo" for ACR?
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I was thinking, since we have a fair amount of modders and skinners here, why not make a central download website, I am going to make one, using a forum. But in the meantime while the forum is up, I'll be coding a custom download site. I need a name and logo though, I was hoping one of you could make one?
[Image: cooltext1077531033.png]
I meant a name other than Akimbo XD

And do you use Gimp?
i used its an awesome site
Ok, yeah, I've used them too.
[Image: cooltext1077541282.png]

lol turns out i used the official Assault Cube font (Capture It) without even knowing it
Ok, well, I'll use that image for the forums. Thank you.
Armory! Oh gosh, I support that name! Is live, just wait 1-24 hours for your DNS.
The sign or what ever this:[Image: cooltext1077541282.png]
is awesome!!!
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