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Full Version: Grammar
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Is your grammar as good as you think it is? Test yourself with these hard questions I created.

Quote:I say he said I did it.

1. This is
a. a sentence fragement
b. a run-on sentence
c. perfectly valid
d. asyndeton

Quote:___ should I say did it?
2. The blank is
a. who
b. whom

Quote:Remember me, who ___ your friend.
3. The blank is
a. am
b. are
c. is
d. be

1. c - I say [that] he said [that] I did it. A zero-complementizer can make it look like a run-on.
2. b - Should I say (_who_ did it)? Don't me fooled into thinking that who is the object of I say.
3. a - (me/I) am your friend. The verb has to agree with the subject. who is not the subject, so don't use third-person singular.