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Full Version: Request: Mk. 12 SPR
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Hi all!

I have a request for a new weapon model. The Mk. 12 SPR is a Special Purpose Rifle/Designated Marksman Rifle used to provide highly accurate fire out to distances longer than is usually reachable with the M16s. Hopefully when somebody makes this weapon model there can be the addition of a new game mode which pits the M21, Mk. 12, and the M1014 against each other.

[Image: SPR.jpg]
What is the difference between the Mk. 12 and M21 regarding the gameplay purpose? They both look like semi-automatic snipers.
The Mk. 12 is basically an accurized and scoped M16. It also has a full auto mode, but for gameplay purposes, i suggest cutting it.

The Mk. 12 also fires the smaller 5.56mm NATO round. So it would have less power and recoil compared to the M21. Basically, I was planning on the Mk. 12 to basically be a semi-auto only M16, albeit with higher damage and possible other things too to balance gameplay.
But I thought it's scoped... maybe it could be like the M14, or it could be a fully automatic sniper.
Oh, yes, it is scoped. Again, it's basically a very accurate and scoped M16. I was thinking that someone should make it and put it in game to give the user a choice for their semiautomatic "sniper rifles"

Mk. 12 specs (my guesses, it's up to you developers to make the weapon balanced)
-Damage between M16A3 and the AK-47/M21 (whichever one is more powerful)
-Recoil between the M16A3 and the AK-47/M21
-30 round magazine capacity
-hipfire accuracy almost as low as the M21 (since it is scoped)
-Recoil slightly higher than the M16A3 on semi
i dunno if this is free, but I found this on google. I have no idea if it is free or not, but it is relatively identical to the Mk. 12. Can this be used?
This model:
might look good but in first person view it looks really bad.Also it doesnt have texture maps.Im not promising anything but ill try to do something.

I have a better model that we could use but it needs good texturing.I dont know if I or Padge could to this becouse the model is in one group so the uvmapping is a pain in the ass.
[Image: jcOMVKe.jpg]

Also I have ripped model from Sniper Ghost Warrior :p but we cant use that!
How about these specs?
-Fully automatic, scoped
-Damage lower than the M16A3
-Recoil between the M16A3 and the AK-47/M21
-20 or 30 round magazine capacity
-Hipfire accuracy almost as low as the M21 (since it is scoped)
-Recoil near the M16A3 on semi

Recoil shows up twice because it is a modified version of @DeltaStrikeOp's post.
Bro, that's the model I posted about. The one that you have that you have a pic of isnt a true Mk. 12 SPR. It doesnt have the Swan Sleeve Rail system used for optics. But yeah, if someone uv-maps the one on the warehouse, that's a great model. Or if somebody makes their Mk. 12 SPR off of this picture. This is the real deal.
[Image: SPRCrane.jpg]

I agree with the specs. However, why lower damage? So in real life, it fires a slightly more powerful round (Mk. 262), so i was thinking you could have a bit more power with a bit more recoil.
The lower damage was for balance purposes. Because it's scoped and fully automatic, high recoil would make the weapon too difficult to use.
Ah, gotcha Victor. I suggest not making the damage too low as to "nerf" the Mk. 12 SPR from the M16A3, which everyone uses. I still think that the damage should be slightly higher and there should be more recoil, but not to the point of the M21.
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