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Full Version: The new pistol is harder to use
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I love the new Sig model for the pistol, but for some reason, it fires slower and has more recoil than the previous model. I've tested both the models and the previous model always fires faster and goes into iron sights faster than the new one. Also the recoil is much more distracting with the new model. When I use the new model my finger actually starts hurting from clicking too fast but I still don't kill as fast Big Grin . This sucks for pistol only deathmatches and I end up solely using my knife.

I think the recoil should be decreased because it makes it too difficult to fire as quickly as in the previous model.
I have to agree. Though the new pistol does simulate true pistol handling better IMO. The sights are closer together for accuracy, and you do lose your sight picture. Reminds me of stock Glock sights. It might be how I shoot, but the recoil on a pistol is substantial to me.

I've never heard of a weapon model messing up with game code though. That raises up a red flag.

Im fine with having a more powerful pistol (maybe give it a bit more range too?) for more recoil.
Yeah the recoil would make sense if it was a Glock, but this is a full size stainless Sig. Since it's so heavy it should have extremely light recoil, not the huge recoil it has right now. I think that the Sig does have a high bore axis so it sort of makes sense that the muzzle flip is high, but this amount of recoil is very annoying especially since the pistol has almost no stopping power. That amount of recoil looks like it comes from a full size metal 1911, not a 9mm Sig.

Also it would be nice if the Sig had a standard 15 round magazine instead of a 12 round magazine and we added a 1911 model with 8 rounds and more stopping power and recoil. That will balance nicely since the 1911 would have half the capacity but kills in 2-3 shots to the center while the Sig kills in 4-5 shots but has double the capacity. Both the Sig and the 1911 are extremely accurate guns, so they should have the same accuracy.

At least this should make clear what pistol we should add next because we already have a nice Sig model so it's clear we need a 45 and a 1911 was and still is the best pistol for that caliber.
I agree with you on the next .45 pistol. The Glock .45s have pretty high magazine capacity, so that would make it too OP. The M1911 both feels right, and has a pretty balanced magazine size of 7 +1 in the chamber.

Currently, the pistol has 12 rounds in it. I agree, the magazine capacity should be increased. There should be 15 rounds in the magazine, +1 in the chamber.

Both the Sig P226 and the Glock 19 have 15 round magazines. If someone wants instead to make a boxy Glock 19, I'd be happy (eh, Sig's still aren't my cup of tea)

Yeah, its still pretty funny in-game when I play with others and I'm the only one with the "weak" pistol, while others have the RPG.
Yeah RPGs are far too OP for a secondary. They should be a primary and only arm the explosives after a certain distance but have an explosion just as powerful as a HE grenade.

I never heard of anybody preferring a Glock over a Sig... I think Sigs are overrated but I'm not a fan of Glocks either... the Sig is one of the most accurate pistols out there.... on par with the CZ75 at the very least.
I dunno, I think its just how people are more familiar with Glocks, and not really familiar with Sigs. I dont think it helps when you see SEALs with P226s, and Delta with Glock 22s. And dont get started with the Marines and their custom M1911s. xD

If I had a choice, maybe the RPG could be a really powerful single use rocket launcher, like the AT4 or M72 LAW. But then again, they're made for antitank use. Hell, I was an advocate of a grenade launcher, like the M320, but as a secondary.
The model is the only thing that has changed... the recoil is pretty much the same as the previous version.
The slower shots might come from your (slow) pc, how many fps do you have?
Maybe your pc has a problem with displaying the new animations and that bc lags a little bit.
What model are You guys talking about?
Epic, so your new pistol is a Sig Sauer P226, chromed.

It would be awesome if you could make a .45 M1911 as another choice for a pistol. The magazine size is smaller (7), and the rounds are more powerful (.45), so it would be almost like the AK to the M16.
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