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Full Version: Coded the 45 pistol
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Great. I've seen this error before. The more information the better though to fix it so things like what you did and gdb output from the crash is invaluable.
Seems like the OpenAL error happens every time I gather three grenades but it doesn't crash for some reason...

I had a horrible crash freezing linux and forcing me to kill it using killall -9. I was playing gibbing mode and jumped and slashed a bot when it happened.

Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error.
0x00000000004a30d0 in vertmodel::part::render(int, int, float, int, dynent*) ()

I will probably do a objdump and find which specific line of code it is in the assembly...

4a30d0:       39 45 24                cmp    %eax,0x24(%rbp)
Is the assembly code so the line in vertmodel::part::render is some kind of comparison between the return value of another function and the third parameter in the render function if I remember assembly correctly.

Played it again, got another 4a30d0 error this time playing with the 45 pistol.

Got another 4a30d0 while playing with the 45 pistol. It seems this error happens a LOT.
I'll look into it. I don't thing we modified anything around there so this might be a regular ACR-bug also.

Was that compiled with -O0 and -g? Usually if it is compiled with those commands it would give a line number by default.
Ruler501 I got that bug by doing gdb ./bin_linux/native_client instead of shing and attaching gdb to it, I didn't get that bug yet when I was running the shell script.
But what i was asking is what flags was it compiled with. Did you modify the Makefile to remove optimization and include debugging information?
ruler501 I modified the Makefile now, but I'm having trouble replicating the bug this time around... in which file is the render function in anyway? I think I could find out which line in the function is causing the problems...
line 847 in vertmodel_t.h is the start of the function mentioned in the crash.

EDIT: looking through it the third parameter is only ever passed to other functions, never used on it's own so that is probably not it. I was thinking it might have something to do with the pointer passed in though I don't see any comparisons that use it.
I tested the game for hours now and it hasn't crashed yet... however, there are a few smallish bugs like when playing in zombie mode, the zombies don't go close enough to stab you, they stand a few feet away from you. However, if you walk up to them, they will stab you. Also pressing 3 or g doesn't switch to grenade, but scrolling the mouse wheel works. However, we could post it on the forum as a "beta" and see what people think about the changes I made before making a real release....

Changes list:

Sig P226 Specs: 30 damage (changed from 36), 70 attack delay (changed from 90), 32 recoil, 15+1 capacity (changed from 12+1), reload speed 1400, spread 90
M1911 Specs: 42 damage (changed from 55), 90 attack delay, 36 recoil (changed from 45), 8+1 capacity, reload speed 1400 (changed from 2000), spread 60 (changed from 90)

Sig P226 is good for handling hordes of enemies or getting headshots using iron sights while the M1911 is good at single enemies at close range with the crosshairs (even with the spread reduced it is hard to use long range). The Sig is a four shot kill, but the M1911 is a three shot kill. The Sig is technically superior capacity wise but the M1911 is more powerful at close range and it's more accurate "hip firing". I actually prefer the Sig personally because I like shooting at the enemy until it goes down, I end up wasting too much ammo with the M1911. They are both pretty balanced, however...

I changed the weight of the MP5 so if you are holding the MP5 you are just as fast as if you are holding a pistol (I will make the Barrett heavier later if I have time).

Other changes I want to make:
Change shotgun spread to ruler501's server's spread.

Akimbo doesn't use M1911 instead it uses the Sig even if you are using the M1911 and overall capacity is 15 instead of 30 (for two Sigs).
Zombies follow you but don't get close enough to stab you, so they stand a few feet away from you.
Grenade doesn't get selected by pressing 3 or g, it works when you scroll through available weapons though.
The grenade bug is a problem with keymaps not being updated correctly. I'll check it and fix it later today. I don't know about the other two bugs though. I haven't looked at akimbo and I didn't think we touched any zombie code.
The crash was probable an optimization problem for 32bit that made some 64bit thing unaligned giving us the sigbus.
Ok we need dlls.... I think I got these from copying and pasting the MinGW Bin folder into here....


Also right now the settings don't save, every time I start it it prompts me for my name and stuff...
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