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Full Version: Some difficult stuff I will attempt to add once I'm done with finals
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I've been really busy and all being close to finals and stuff but I have some more ideas that I might want to code (along with the dynamic weapon system and after I fix the bugs in the M1911 addition).[/size]

Mossberg 590a1 would be an alternative to the M1014 in that it would have less spread and more damage but less fire rate and more recoil. Since xdEpicZombie already has this model, might as well Smile

M249 SAW would basically become a squad automatic weapon that can put down large amounts of suppressive fire. You would only be able to walk, not run, and you will not be able to carry any other item (no grenades, knives, or secondaries). You will not be able to move while crouched, and firing while not crouched would have an enormous spread. A guy using a SAW would have a Defend marker on him so players know to defend him (because of his lack of mobility).

Turrets would be a crouched player bot that is either automatically firing at the enemy (auto turret) or just sitting there waiting to be taken over (through transfer essence which I will explain next). There could be "turret bot spawns" in maps that support turrets to spawn a turret bot that just sits there (doesn't move). I know that a lot of people were asking for turrets but in game models are out of the picture because of problems in the Cube engine.

"Transfer essence mode" is something I want to code in the game (I don't know if this is possible though). Basically you can switch to a hand "weapon" and melee one of your friendly bots and your current player dies and you take control of one of the bots. This is good in CTF when a bot is unlucky enough to take control of the flag. Then you can never take the flag away since friendly fire doesn't work. You can also do a special transfer essence mode for turrets (basically the player becomes invisible while controlling the turret and the you can relinquish control of the turret at any time).

"Target enemies" is another thing I want to code if it is possible. It is basically a shotgunish weapon that fires many bullets that do no damage but "mark an enemy" so that bots and other players (through the kill marker) can target that enemy. This would be good in zombie and survivor matches so that your teammates can see the movements of the enemy.
The M249 SAW sounds like it should be a power-up or killstreak.

Turrets probably shouldn't be a player-type entity because those are designed to move. A new entity type should be created for them. Maybe the turret should be capturable (so if you take control of it, it no longer targets you (FFA) or your team).

The bots should really be improved because the CTF glitch shouldn't even exist in the first place. An admin can /subdue the bot or players can simply shuffle teams (or they can force the bot to change teams twice).

The "target enemies" weapon, like the M249 SAW, seems sort of overpowered. In MW3, the Recon Drone can tag enemies, but they only appear on the radar, and the drone can be destroyed easily. In zombies and survivor mode, you can simply use the psychic mutator.
The M249 won't be all that overpowered... it would have the same fire rate as the M16 and the same damage but much worse spread while standing and not being able to run (and not being able to move at all while crouched) will make SAW operators vulnerable to grenades and rpgs and one hit kill weapons like shotguns and sniper rifles (it's hard to dodge a sniper shot when you can barely move). The only advantage is that with the M249 you will have 200 rounds in one belt with the ability to hold an extra 200 round belt.

DeltaStrikeOp, the M249 SAW is not a very good weapon in the hands of the Marines where mobility is number one (Marines usually takes land, the Army usually keeps it). Nobody wants to wait around for guy lugging around light machine guns when quickly taking land is the first priority. However, in the Army, the M249 is still a highly used weapon because suppression is better at defending already taken land and the Army usually uses Humvees to transport their troops around cities rather than lugging around stuff for miles in the wilderness like Marines. It is also why the Marines use the M16 instead of the M4, they usually engage at very long range distances while the Army usually operates in close quarter city environments. So the M249 is not that bad of a weapon, it is just not useful in the eyes of the Marines.
maybe instead of the m249, we use the xm63 (stoner 63) which is basically half the weight of a loaded m249
The wait helps balance it though. If you had something with a giant mag and super awesome fire rate that you could move quickly with would be super OP I think.

For my comments to what he said
I love the idea of a stronger shotgun. I love one shot kills, but it does need to be balanced.
I love the idea of suppression weapons; though I believe there should not be any indicator like defend. See what I said above for what else I think
I think turrets could be useful, but they would have to be implemented right. I think it might be best to have limited amount of time they can fire or bullets they have. Maybe a new kind of ammo you have to collect to use them, also I like victor's idea for implementing them.
I dislike the idea of essence transfer. I think each entity should be their own to run on their own. I think if there is a problem with bot ai you should fix it or report it. Fix the problem not try and fix one solution.
Marking enemies is an interesting concept. I think there could be a place for that, though I would place most of the rest of the list over this.
The SAW is epic at defending positions, but for fast paced assaulting operations like room clearing... well, I dont know about you, but the idea of flinging almost 20 pounds around as you're breaching and scanning doesn't seem to be too fun. =) But for defending positions, give me that over a assault rifle anyday. Just make sure I got something to deploy the bipod over.

Therefore, the movement penalty seems to be balanced. You can't make the aim speed to be lower, since someone could just use the time perk to negate it. The freelook speed also can't be lowered since you can just tweak the mouse sensitivity. The SAW should have similar specs to the M16, since they both fire the same rounds. Recoil might be lower since the weapon is heavier, but I agree with the spread in hipfire mode to be very high. Also, to make the M249 SAW less OP, I suggest giving it only 100 rounds of mag capacity. This would make people reload more, and the reload speed should be really slow.
Yikes I said I wouldn't code until after finals but I did a small test doing similar stuff as when I added the pistol and the SAW keeps stubbornly switching to the M16 model (even the model is the m16 model despite that I specified the AK as the model) and has M16 magazine size... also I found out that the 1911 is a one shot kill in hardcore which makes no sense... does that mean the 9mm is a two shot kill in hardcore mode? That makes even less sense... I have to change the coding so hardcore does not apply to pistols only primaries....
Ok so two things I'm planning on working on is 1. Adding a flashlight to the game (I can't see anything in some maps especially night maps, also with the flashlight map makers can make new "horror zombie" maps which is pitch dark). 2. adding a battle rifle with my updated specs of the M21 rifle (20+1 magazine size, 50 damage). I will make the battle rifle slightly slower than the assault rifles because the FAL weighs 10-11 pounds by itself.

ruler501 how would you go about adding a light source directed from the player? akbluwarguy said somebody made a flashlight mod by making it have a continuous muzzle flash...
One thing i have noticed with the "dynamic" light in ACR is that it only lights up an area vertically. It might be how i play with all settings set to low, but that's what's happening for me. So when I do shoot into a dark area, I see a "shaft" of light that is approximately 2-3 cubes wide and goes straight up.

BTW, will Victor approve of another battle rifle? Right now, everything seems to be balanced. The M16 has the AK. The Intervention has the M82. The M21 will soon have the Mk. 12 SPR. It's just the MP5 and M1014 that are oddballs.
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