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Full Version: Just a few random comments
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I have a few comments.
First off, I LOVE this. I can't wait until it is totally finished, its just that awesome Big Grin

I run a youtube channel, and some viewers have been asking me a few questions. One person's brother makes custom maps. She said he tried to make one in ACR, but it wouldnt let him. Is that just a bug, or will he be able to make them in the future? Also, will custom maps made for AC work in ACR?

2 more questions haha.
Will there be reload animations for all the guns by the time the game is done?

And could you make a sniper only game mode? I know there is 1 shot 1 kill and all, but could you make a deathmatch style mode where you can only use snipers?

Thanks Big Grin
Oh and I forgot one. Can you make the killstreaks continue through rounds in OSOK, TOSOK, SUV, TSUV? What I mean is like say I got airstrike, and the round ended, can you make it so I'm still at that killstreak in the next round so that when I get two more kills (or whatever it is) I get the uav? I know that if I get a nuke in one round and stay alive, it will go off in the next round Tongue
Is anyone going to reply?
Victorz may have not seen this already... or you have been a bad guy xD
Maybe a possibility for a server to set weapons that can be display.
On AC da shotgun sux
Set the weapons by setting the mode.
Yeah I know that, but I'd kind of like a tdm style mode with only snipers. Is that already in the game?
Ikno nu can find a mod on ac somewhere for that snipe. there were servers that ran iCTF snipers osok w/out spawn wait.

I know its not what u were looking for exactly, but it's something
I know, but it would be better if it was just in the game haha.