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Full Version: Cheat Detection
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I'm a long time AC user but have been enjoying Reloaded this last couple of days, as well.

One thing I wanted to raise - although the homepage declares "Basic anti-cheat (ones that result in no false positives)", I have in fact seen a couple of false positives since I've been playing. I've seen a message come up a couple of times claiming that I'm cheating - in fact I'm just using the 32 bit Linux client, no hacks or other sneakiness.

Anyone else seen this?

More generally I'm very impressed - it's a lot of fun and I must say the weapons especially feel a bit more rock'n'roll. Except for the light sabre. I could do without that.

What were you doing when these errors occurred?
Shooting and running at the same time, I think. Other than that, I can't recall the exact circumstances. If I get another one though I'll try to make a note of exactly what was happening.

The second time I'm sure it mentioned a speed hack. I didn't notice a specific complaint for the first.

The gzipped tarball I'm running from is: acr_02_05_08-l.tar.gz
This is a known issue with the m82. We are looking into the best way to fix it.
That makes sense because I've used it a lot, but actually literally a minute ago I got "you have cheated" with the M16 as well. Was standing still and shooting at an opponent.
Yes that happened with me also... I was just running and boom! You cheated!
something about the speedhack i think.
The speedhack detection is usually caused by lag, but I've triggered it by spamming the M82.

Some more tweaks are done in the latest version, so it'll be better in 2.5.9.

The mentioned "Basic anti-cheat (ones that result in no false positives)" is simply moving damage calculations to the server, but there is also some other anti-cheat (speedhack detection). Anti-aimbot is also planned, but I need to think of a good way to implement it. Anti-wallhack could be done by replacing position packets for clients not visible by the client or its bots with a short "no movement" packet (so the scoreboard doesn't show the LAG in the pj field). This would save some bandwidth, but cost more CPU.
That lag-triggered cheat stuff is quite anoying. Why not change its sensitivity according to the lag of the player? Eg when you have a ping >200 it ignores most of the "positives" and with a ping >300 ignores them all? I think it wouldn't be too dangerous bc having such a bad connection makes playing that hard you cannot really play at all.
rXn I think there is basic ping based filtering, but I'll have to look again to see if it is working well enough.
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