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Full Version: infection mode
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i think we should have an infection mode where its like zombies plus convert. it starts with 6-16 players spawning as RVSF, and one zombie bot on CLA. it would then play like a game of convert, only if ur on CLA, you can use only knives/swords
Doesn't zombies work with convert...
it does?
It does, but its kinda flawed. I wish that you can start off with like, 8-16 zombie bots vs the real players, and slowly convert them. But currently, the bots are evenly distributed
You can change that by turning off auto-team and using the manual team-adjust that was introduced in 2.5.8
The server constantly forces the bots back to your team it just doesn't work.....
In Red Eclipse, a same game mode can have several game mode related mutators. Why not doing the same thing in ACR and implement infection as mutator ?
@dm.mossberg590a1 did you disable auto-team first?