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Full Version: Serious balance issues as of 2.5.8
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Hi, I haven't played ACR for very long, but it was all too easy to discover some faults in weapons balance.

  1. The shotgun is almost useless. While it fires a solid 12 pellets, the area it fires at is huge. Even in very close quarters combat it isn't very good. Somewhat unrelated, but the crosshair for the shotgun is rather ugly.
  2. The RPG is extremely over-powered. I propose two things to correct this; first, a small delay between when the player clicks and when the grenade is actually fired. Secondly, I don't think it should depend on standard grenade ammo, but ammo pickups of the RPG which shoud not be found in maps. I suggest that RPGs start with 2 rockets (1/1).
  3. Grenades are too difficult to time. An overall reduction in the timer would be better, because currently they are not very useful at all.
  4. The sniper rifles don't feel all that differentiated from each other. Except the Barret letting you fly of course. Smile

Thank you for this amazing game, I look forward to seeing your thoughts on my proposal!
RPG is very powerful weapon, agree, but only if you know how to handle it. It's great weapon to keep map free from campers but it's more powerful than pistol or other alternatives. I don't think that it should be secondary weapon, maybe it should be primary for teamwork?
Hi again Superuser!

1. Dude, I totally agree. We did try for a time to make the shotgun more powerful, but it's really hard to implement because it kept on being overpowered. Currently, nobody is using the Shotgun because of how useless it is.
2. The RPG is very OP, if you know how to use it. I'm not a huge fan of it, and I usually take out a pistol instead of waiting on a very inaccurate rocket.
3. you can cook the grenades in ACR. Just click, aim, and hold down the button. Release when ready to throw! Oh, dont forget to yell out, "FRAG OUT" to get that simulation feeling. xD
4. Yeah, that was a problem when the M82 was introduced. It became the new sniper rifle, and nobody used the Intervention. TBH, i really can't differentiate on the damage specs between the 2, but I do know that the Intervention is more powerful, just by a bit.
1. Ruler501 has a fix to the shotgun spread. Hopefully it will be implemented in a future release.
2. We may make the RPG a primary and reduce the maximum extra ammo.
3. You just need to hold down the fire button to charge the grenade.
4. We may get rid of the M21 and replace with the Mk 12.

The RPG is useful as an anti hacker weapon. We are starting to get a lot of hackers here so its really useful. You can read my RPG tutorial to get a feel of how to properly use it.
I am currently running a server with the fix to shotgun being too underpowered. It may be too OP though so it has not been commited and probably will not be in 2.5.9
I am aware of being able to cook grenades... I am a Red Eclipse fanatic, afterall! Tongue I think it still takes too long. Maybe a little timer on the HUD as you hold (á la RE) would be nice.

Also, I forgot to add (though it's sorta unrelated). The RPG's sound is... kinda underwhelming! It should sound a lot more powerful than that.
That's how long it takes to cook a grenade in real life.... if you accidentally throw a grenade you get enough time to clear out before it explodes. A timer would make it too easy to use....
We also know the RPG sound isn't neccesarily the best, but it is the best we have. If you can find or create a correctly licensed sound that works better we would be more than happy to implement it. Also you should try playing on my server 71.* it has some tweaks to the shotgun that should make it much more enjoyable to play
LOL, would you like a thermal detonator like in Star Wars? Press once to activate, and then beeping that gets steadily faster until it explodes.

The grenade's cookoff time is a double edged sword. If you cook it for too long and accidentally get it bounced back at you... have fun. But yeah, dont worry @Superuser, you'll learn how to properly cook a grenade with time and practice.
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