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Full Version: [REQUEST]Track Down MemLeak
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We need some help to track down some apparent memleaks(one user reported using 1.5gb of ram with ACR). The easiest way to do this is running it through a program called valgrind on linux. The problem with this is that valgrind slows down the game by a factor of 30 or more as it forces all computation to the cpu(where it does lots of abstraction and extra work). I get about 3 fps playing single player with it. We need someone who could possibly play a full game with bots in singleplayer and even better also a game online. If you think you have a good computer with powerful CPU(needs at least a recent i7 or equivalent AMD CPU). I have a i7-2720QM and I die trying so that should give you an idea of what you would need. I don't think GPU matters, but I'm not certain. If you think you can help and have linux installed or are willing to install it please tell me so we can get it setup. If it tells us what we need to know ACR should run faster with less memory and less crashes.

TL;DR. Do you have a nice computer and are willing to install linux(if you haven't already) then tell us below to help make ACR more awesome.
You could run the debugger on Windows too, right? Also, if the GPU mattered, the game would become unplayable. The CPU can do specialized operations, but the GPU can do more operations that are simpler. Forcing the CPU to do the GPU's work would cause it to be very slow (probably by a factor of 1000).
This specific debugger does not run on windows and I do not know of an alternate that creates as detailed of a report. It reports everywhere there is a memleak or other memory management problem.
My memory usage went up and crashed in KTF on ac_elevation.

See Issue 59 comment 20.
I had a problem with KTF too...

I wonder if that area might be a good part of the problem. I'll see if I can run in single player with valgrind(a little hard with 5fps Tongue )
It just crashed in CTF on ac_depot. It most likely, like my stack says, is due to AC's glitchy A-Star bot algorithms being done for bots to move to flags.
I found where in the loop it messes up, but I just moved into college so it may be a few days till I can try and fix it. It's a problem with there being a problem with the parent[0] member of the waypoint_s class. I think it is recursive somewhere, but I can't figure out why yet.
blueblob11 from the Issue Tracker says that he uses gdb to debug because it's more lightweight compared to valgrind.
it tells you a lot less about how memory is used though. Valgrind tells you about every single memory leak(tracks free's delete's and references) and where it happened in the code.
[Image: bug_zps3d677041.png]

lol, the dreaded 1.8k MB memleak strikes again!

nothing responded after this. I had to end the program
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