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Full Version: Cannibal Mode Request
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Cannibal Mode:
Victor You Must Add A Cannibal Mode.
The Cannibal Mode Is Like A Zombie But The Cannibal Is In The Forest And Cannibal Using Swords,Knife,Bow Thats it ....
Plzz Make A Cannibal mode[/size][/font]
There is no bow in game and no forest on every map, so I'm not sure how we would be able to do this.
I don't like this idea.
There isn't enough description of the mode. It seems like zombies + crossbow.
He means zombies use swords and stuff to kill you in a forest... Sounds pointless since you would have to play it on ONE map.
Well, he could already set it to zombies on a specific map, so why does he need to request a mode? He should clarify this.