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Full Version: {KE}CLAN MAP
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Carl, if you open a server with that map, ANYONE can get it depending on how you set it up.
But if {ke} Clan would have its own server with password that only clan members know,no one else can get it!
Also guys,I need help with mapmodeling,not modeling actually,setting it up so I can add the mapmodel in edit menu ingame!
My mapmodel has some clips that I dont want there to be and I cant get rid of them?I am making a quite cool map by the way.It should be realistic,like an old town with some streets and I am making stall model.
well, ACR could just use your mapmodel as a replacement for an old one

also, i have a server set up, i just need to forward my ports
-_- If I Can Make A Server I Make A Server For {KE} Clan Only
But If I Load It In Not Private Server If They Joined I Will Kick It

New Good News
I Done Making Map ....

And Can I Request Guys To Make A {KE}Clan Server And Haved A Password The Password is bluwarguy
Yeah great... tell everybody the password.... >_>
Remeber that the forums are public to everyone...
PM people the password instead of just saying it.
They Cant See Me Im Invisible!
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Ok Guys I .... I -_- idk what i ..

Ok Guys I .... I PM All Of You And I Say True Password Serious
I think mapnodels can be added easily by adding them to the [mapname].cfg file. But I fear every player has to have them preinstalled, so if your map becomes famous, add them to a new release.
RE: rXn
I Cant Make It If Im Playing AC (Assault Cube) SOMEONEELSE Just Making With Me And He Adding A cfg. File In My MAP <(: