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Full Version: Reload Speed reduction in "Time" perk
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Hi guys,

I've noticed that the reload speed isn't modified in any way in ACR by perks. I've already talked to @Victor and @ruler501 about maybe including it into the Time Perk. Victor did say that it was in previous builds of ACR, but it was very OP cuz it cut down to 1/2 of the original time. I'm thinking about maybe reducing the reload speed down to at the most 2/3s of original reload speed to maybe 7/8ths of orignal reload speed.

What are your opinions on it? Do you think it will be too OP? Personally, I don't use this perk much, but maybe you guys would like it.
Actually I think it is a good idea and will fit in well with the shotgun, mp5 and RPG because of how long it takes to reload them.
I think what needs to be done now is to test how much of the original reload speed is to be retained so that it won't be too fast.
IMO reload speed(without any perks) should be 1.5x slower.With the time perk it could be like 1.2x slower or the same it is now.This fast reload makes reload animations look nasty.Padge1 managed to make a nice anim but IDK if You have noticed,left hand never pulls out the mag,it just disappears.If Padge1 had made it so left hand actually pulls out the mag and then put the new one in,the whole animation would have looked rubbish!
If the animations are difficult, just add more frames and set the speed.