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Full Version: i guess they want us to change our name...
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a few members of the AC community also wanted us to change our name... i do admit that we did kinda take their name, but i dont know if its copyrighted. even if it is or isnt, its your call victor. ive only thought of one name. i know it seems like im posting a lot about this, but im just sick of each game trying to one-up each other.
example name:
Cube: Warfare
Doesn't "AssaultCube" have "Cube" in its name? What about its previous name, "ActionCube"?

I really don't think we need any more name changes.

Also, having "AssaultCube" in our name shows that we are a modification of AssaultCube.
i see your point
Agreed. They're just butthurt over how we use AssaultCube in our name. Really? A mod can't use part of the original work's name? How do people know it's a mod then?
I don't know though.... I really don't think this game is a simple mod anymore, its grown beyond that. AssaultCube Reloaded doesn't sound good at all in my opinion, kind of like "C with Classes". C++ sounds 1. more original and 2. not just an extension of C (it really isn't). Look at all the games, no game uses the original name as much as we do (Urban Terror doesn't have Quake in it, neither does Tremulous, etc). For gods sakes I would even pick YourFunWorld as a name over ACR Big Grin.

Also, do we want to be associated with a community that hates us? Why do we want to have a name based on their game and be dependent on content made by people who want our guts? Also, if we change our name, the AC community will start to respect us more as an original game, not a rip off.

Cube: Warfare sounds a bit unoriginal though... (actually Ronald_Reagan suggested that also maybe he was reading our forums) it has to be cooler than that Smile. I'll try to come up with something...
a year ago i made a "mod" (made just to pisss off AC) that changed nothing in the game except graphics and sounds XD and i called it modern assault (generic i know)
Alpha Combat

One of the most generic names I can think of.

I'll think of some cooler names I guess. Maybe some Military jargon works.

EDIT: Wait, I just noticed that it has the same acronym as AC. Darn it.
Alpha Combat is pretty good!!Big Grin
Alpha Warfare wouldnt use AC's initials
Cube of Duty: Alpha Warfare? Big Grin
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