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Full Version: Epic Team -{ET}-
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Hi guys.This is my clan!
I am going to make a webpage for our clan in few days.
Here are few reasons why You should join:
1.-{ET}- is recruiting all kinds of players!
2.Clan members can get my mods 3 days before anyone else!
3.I am going to make some mods ONLY for clan members.
4.Hopefully in September there will be 2 servers 24/7 uptime,one of them only for the clan members!

[Image: OVE3JS1.png]

THIS MEANS WAR!!! (lol jk)
No problem with me!Gonna kick ur ass!! Big Grin
But how can xdEpicZombie kick ass if he has no members lol
i will join him
lets do this!
-[ET]-Kewbacca is an exellent player with nades,and I,I will simply kill yall with my knife!
lol, everytime i stop to chat on servers somesone comes behind me and knifes me
CLAN WAR! 3 V 2 And ADD A ONE BOT Tongue!

@ xdEpicZombie You Like I Will Make Website For You?
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