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Full Version: {KE} Clan-Assigning Team Positions
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Ok, now that ACR has another clan (Epic Team,) we need to assign positions/roles to the team. List what you're best at, and that's what you'll be assigned as. I already have my position (M21/RPG) and mossberg's (i could tell what you were best at, the M2000 and RPG, if thats ok with you, if not, ill change it)

Agent-X-AK/USP .45
Yup no problem
I find the AK-47 as my friend and occasionally the M21 depending on the map and situation. I use the USP .45 as the secondary.

I have also grown accustomed to throwing the knife and I personally believe I am pretty good at it Wink.

I now use the pistol (Glock) as my secondary instead of the RPG, mainly because it is too inaccurate and has too little ammo in 2.5.9.
Hey bluwarguy I was playing with you a few days ago and wanted to know if I could join your clan. I have a Skype so msg me or reply that would be great
Ok For That... I Just Fix The Website..