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Full Version: "Invisible" perk and crowd gamemode?
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I'm thinking about a new perk (a combined perk) that allows the player to use the "invisible" skin like when a player spawns which makes it harder to see him. Of course people with the Recon perk can spot him out quickly. The drawback is that people with the perk are slower and firing makes you "visible" for two seconds.

I'm also thinking about a new gamemode where people of different teams are randomly spawned everywhere all with the same skin and bot "civilians" are also spawned randomly. The goal is to find and eradicate the members of the other team with the least civilian casualties. The "civilians" would be running around with knives (not using them though). Both teams would have to blend in as much as possible like holding a knife and secretly eliminate the enemy team (for example no gunshots). If you try to fire a gun or make a sound near a bot, bots nearby who "heard" you fire will try to knife the closest player (the default behavior for normal bots once they hear a sound).

What do you guys think?
Duuude, awesome ideas!

I'm afraid the "invisible" perk would be too OP. I play Halo 1 PC sometimes when there aren't ACR games, and the invisibility power-up is simply too OP. You can't see them at all. If you can't see them, you can't shoot them. This perk would be even more powerful than recon+hands+steady+vision, LOL. But it would be interesting since almost nobody uses the "ninja" perk. Maybe if it were a killstreak that you activate with a key-press like airstrike and if it were to last about 3 seconds then that'd be cool.

Your idea of having basically assymetric operations sounds very cool! It would mirror how sometimes Special Forces operators go in with local garb to carry out their objectives. This would also be similar to how "Project Reality" is played too. There is a "Rules of Engagement" you have to abide by saying basically that you cannot fire on civilians unless they heal insurgents or throw rocks/objects that can maim against the BLUFOR.
This does bring up the question of when you would be able to shoot the bots when they start to knife you. Also, what happens if both sides use only knives? How would you ID the enemies? =/ It could be a very long round of running around with knives basically going like, "SWING FIRST (explicit), SWING FIRST!".
Yeah, guess your right on the invisibility thing. Also, my thoughts on the crowd gamemode:

If you shoot civilians at any time you will lose a lot of points. Them knifing you is more like people seeing you shooting a gun wildly and tackling you or something, so its still not right to shoot them. If you get spotted you have to run away as fast as you can, but you will be exposed by the enemy. Of course the civilians would be slower and have a very small attention span. When you aim at someone it shows their name already. If you know the names of the enemy you can id them rather quickly. As I recall from the code, I think throwing knives are completely silent so probably those will be used most, but other weapons can be used also, just expect to haul a$$ for a while, also remember that when hearing a gun they go after the closest player so you can use that to your advantage by shooting a gun in the air above them at a long distance to expose the enemy.