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Finally made the redirect work. Acr-armory can now be accessed by
Sorry @Victorz or whoever that I stole your icon but I did not find anything better.

RE: - Nightmare - 2013-09-13

Everytime I check, the site shows up saying this redirect is invalid.

RE: - asmanel - 2013-09-13

From my computer, it globally work but there is something that is strange : the address, in the address bar, and the page title always remain the same.

However, except its ugly ::, this page title is well chosen and can be a base to solve the problem of this request.

RE: - rXn - 2013-09-14

The address remains the same b/c of the way it is redirected: If you take a look at the page source it shows a page with a frame which shows the real page. So you only navigate inside this frame and see only the address of the "outer" page that provides the frame, not the url of the frame content itself.

I'm not shure but maybe it is because you connect from the US (do you?) and/or your ISP is refusing to handle .tk addresses properly?

All others: Please try whether the redirect owrks for your country and ISP and report.
(I am from Germany and my ISP is Deutsche Telekom).
I'll try to figure out a bit more.

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