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RE: Account Integration - rXn - 2013-09-21

Why not add this to the servers, too? This way server owners could optionally enter their username and PW when starting the server and are listed with an additional icon (or however) and the owner's name in the server browser. So you could also try to avoid stupid idiots (you know which one I mean Tongue )that often aduse admin and so on.

RE: Account Integration - Victor - 2013-09-22

@rXn, then every client has to verify every server with the master-server, which would take O(c * s) bandwidth and time and would not scale well.
Doubling the clients and servers results in 4x the requests.

The current plan is to have servers verify the clients, so the master-server takes O(c + s) (s is for registrations) bandwidth and time, and the servers can include the verification info in the whois. Of course, clients have to trust the server.
Doubling the clients and servers results in 2x the requests.

Perfect verification would require every client to verify every server and every other client, and this takes cs(c-1) requests, which would scale at O(c^2*s) bandwidth and time.
Doubling the clients and servers results in 8x the requests.

RE: Account Integration - rXn - 2013-09-23

1. The masterserver verifies all the servers when registering them. This would once need some bandwith and calculation time for the (mostly idle?) masterserver. Cannot be avoided.

2. The masterserver should then add an additional status message to each server (e.g. there is ip, description, map played and so on + the user that runs the server) which is transmitted anyway every time a user requests the server list.

If you have a maximum of, let's say, 3 users per second and 10 servers there would be an additional traffic need of
3 * 10 * 1 byte (ascii) * 100 (max. length of username?) * 1/sec = 3kbyte/sec
I hope I did not forget anything but this sounds very low Tongue
Corrections are (always) welcome.

About the "settings synchronisation" idea:
I am currently trying to rewrite the launcher in C#/Mono to fix some bugs and make it work on Linux, too. Maybe I'll manage to add it.

RE: Account Integration - Victor - 2013-09-24

I forgot about this: the master-server can verify the servers by doing one extra request, which results in 2n bandwidth, which is still O(n).

The server only has to send the IP and port, if it's not 28770, but if it has user-data attached to it, it'll have to send the port number regardless.
addserver (ip) [(port=28770) [(forum_uid=0)]]

So it'll be possible to verify clients at the server, and servers. However, do we really need to have server verification? You can already "favorite" and "hate" the servers, so the servers with the marked IPs will be highlighted.

RE: Account Integration - rXn - 2013-09-25

Would be nice anyway if you see that f.e. "rXn's Server" is really mine Tongue

RE: Account Integration - rXn - 2013-09-26

Btw: Is there any way to find out the version of an installed game without starting it? If not, would it be possible to create a "version.txt" or sth like that?

RE: Account Integration - Victor - 2013-09-27

If you have the source, you can check source/src/cube.h. Other than that, there is no way.

Well, if you want to verify rXn's server, you could just post the IP of your server in the server admin contact section. Would using the master-server to do it be required?