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2.6.1 (2.7 beta 1) - Victor - 2013-12-24

Some changes couldn't make it to 2.6, and a recode was started before 2.6.1 could be released. However, the version 2.6.1 is used to represent the first beta release of 2.7.

  • Recoded on AC 1.2 as the base version (likely less crashes)
  • Class manager
  • Simpler killfeed, removed kill messages
  • Hide KILL indicator in classic, otherwise update at 4 second intervals
  • Disable spawn protection upon firing the first shot

WARNING: Some features like the throwing knife have not been backported yet. Please report missing features that were present in 2.6.

RE: [Future] 2.6.1 - jonaspm - 2014-02-20

Nice! that means more ACR players Big Grin

RE: [Future] 2.6.1 - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-02-20

Hopefully. Also, I will try to remake scopes to look better. @Victor, what do you think should be the max file size for the scope? From player feedback, the scope currently is pixelated at higher resolutions.

RE: [Future] 2.6.1 - ruler501 - 2014-02-20

I still advise 2048x2048 or at least 1024x1024

RE: [Future] 2.6.1 - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-02-20

Okay! I'll make sure to make 2 versions; 1 I'll call "standard", and the other one "HD"

RE: [Future] 2.6.1 - Victor - 2014-02-20

I think we should include the "standard" one in the ACR package, but players can still download the HD one from the forum (or one of those ACR mod managers).

RE: [Future] 2.6.1 - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-02-20

I think one of the problems for me is that I have to make them in the shape of an oval. I mean, I make the reticles proportionally and precision to the pixel. A flash developer I talk to was baffled at how I had to make scopes ovally, which made some not show up as well.

Of course, this isn't something as important as weapon models nor HUD layouts, but it's just some of the things I got feedback about.

RE: [Future] 2.6.1 - Victor - 2014-02-21

I think Red Eclipse draws black bars on the screen to leave a square blank in the center, so they can use a circular shape.

I think I should rewrite the function to do something similar, but then you'd have to have to make a gradient to black on the edges.

RE: [Future] 2.6.1 - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-02-21

Yeah, that wouldn't be very realistic then. I guess what I can do is try making the picture bigger in order to eliminate pixelation. I'll try 2048x2048, but I do remember that the file was pretty big when I saved it. I think it was about 4MB?

RE: [Future] 2.6.1 - Victor - 2014-02-22

4 MB for one scope is way too large when AC's entire package fits under 65 MB.

If only AssaultCube came with svg support...