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RE: [Future] 2.7 - Fru5tum - 2014-06-27

Like BF4 nice! That also frees up HUD space .-. Bright flashy colors is a if no no for me

RE: [Future] 2.7 - asmanel - 2014-06-27

Victor, do you know when ACR 2.7 will be released ?

RE: [Future] 2.7 - ruler501 - 2014-06-27

We have a lot of work to do on the code rebase to get it working. I'd say at least a month away maybe 2 or 3. You can look at the current code base on github to get an idea of where we are.

RE: [Future] 2.7 - Fru5tum - 2014-06-27

Ruler :p what are u working on rightnow? I want to follow along

And help if I can .-.

RE: [Future] 2.7 - ruler501 - 2014-06-27

Look on github at the most recent commits to see what I'm working on. Currently I'm working on the master2 branch.

RE: [Future] 2.7 - Fru5tum - 2014-06-27

I see Smile this makes complete since now since its cpp can u define pull request? I didn't ind it on GitHub wiki Sad
If I'm correct u just added ads no animation

RE: [Future] 2.7 - ruler501 - 2014-06-27

Yeah, that is the most recent change. I'm working on figuring out the animations and more on crosshairs now.

Here is a good book on git. It is how I learned.

RE: [Future] 2.7 - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-06-28

BTW, can we have the "EOTech ADS" modification in game instead of it being an option that can only work when you enter in the code?

RE: [Future] 2.7 - Fru5tum - 2014-06-28

I'll read that book Smile and what do u mean DSO

And ruler what type if animation ?

RE: [Future] 2.7 - ruler501 - 2014-06-28

I was working on getting the ads animation working but I wasn't getting very far. I'll need to talk to Victor to figure it out I guess