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RE: [Future] 2.7 - Victor - 2014-06-28

It's summer time and I finished my exams on Wednesday. This means that I can probably have ACR recoded within 2-4 weeks, which means that ACR 2.7 might be released in early August.

RE: [Future] 2.7 - Fru5tum - 2014-06-28

Define ads animation

RE: [Future] 2.7 - ruler501 - 2014-06-28

It's where the gun comes up so you look down sights. ADS=Aim down sights. If you compile my branch currently you'll see it though it is slightly too far back making the model look weird

RE: [Future] 2.7 - Fru5tum - 2014-06-28

I thought there was already an animation for thT .-. And I looked over the git hub it all makes sense except skipping commit but there's a longer way to do that that I'm comfortable with and i also am getting some textures that may be interesting

RE: [Future] 2.7 - Caruni - 2014-06-28

Fru5trum, kindly take a chill pill and either learn the language those you're trying to communicate with use or make contributions that are language-agnostic.

RE: [Future] 2.7 - Fru5tum - 2014-06-28

Really? tell me 5 words in there that I spelled wrong and I'll take your word for it

RE: [Future] 2.7 - ruler501 - 2014-06-28

He is saying more that much of your writing shows a lack of technical knowledge of the subject. For instance I have no idea what you meant by "skipping commit but there's a longer way to do that that I'm comfortable with" and there are a few grammatical errors in your writings.

RE: [Future] 2.7 - Fru5tum - 2014-06-28

On GitHub you must commit changes $ git add
Then $ git status then $ git add again which made no sense so i research alternatives to that method that I find more appropriate for my own understandings of GitHub , i apologize if I sound novice .-. I'm just learning this stuff here

RE: [Future] 2.7 - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-06-29
So this is what I meant by the Red Dot Sight support. It was added back in ACR 2.5.9, however it's almost buried and very hard to find if one was new to ACR.

[Image: ACRscreenie_zpsd6d7fd2f.png]
EOTech Reticle (Custom, from @{KE}bluwarguy) on @Padge1's F2000. Notice how weapon is dark, but red dot's color is independent of the "lighting"

I remember that @dm.mossberg590a1 , @{KE}bluwarguy and I almost finalized it and even got a EOTech reticle to be in game, but we did this all in chat, which is sadly gone now =(

RE: [Future] 2.7 - Fru5tum - 2014-06-29

That should most definitley be brought back

The gun textures are very impressive compared to the map hopefully if these textures upload we can find some replacements to make it maps looks as professional as our guns

Hey ruler .-. Im tryig to start off small i was looking in physics.cpp
( I want to ( in the future) be head of physics ) and I found code that states if a spawn point can't be found to try hard 100x and if it still can't be found notify player no spawn point, mind if Its adjusted to if that happens to tell player no spawn point and to immediatly place them in spectator veiw , it's unnoticBle and will never happen so i don't think it'll hurt if I adjust it ( and of course you'll see it so u can confirm it or not Smile