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Mk 12 MOD 0 SPR specs - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-12-27

Bluwarguy made a pretty sweet MK12 SPR! As far as we know, it does not violate any copyright (Insert CSI "YEEEAAAAAAHHHH!"), so AC devs, find something else to criticize ^_^

Mk. 12 specs, DSO's suggestion
-Automatic, Burst, Semi (heck, get rid of the burst if you want. doesnt really make or break gameplay)
-Damage between M16A3 and the AK-47/M21 (whichever one is more powerful)
-Recoil between the M16A3 and the AK-47/M21
-20 round magazine capacity (bluwarguy modeled the Mk12 with 20 round magazines)
-hipfire accuracy almost as low as the M21, basically horrible (since it is scoped)
-Recoil higher than the M16A3 on semi
-Rate of fire undetermined. May either be in between AK and M16, or lower than the AK.

I don't think it qualifies as a true sniper rifle in ACR, so the "bullets" should stay the same as the M16/AK. The reason I say this is because unlike the sniper rifles, you can't really kill in 1 shot with this.

Basically, the Mk12 SPR will be the M16, but with a scope, and with more damage and recoil. You can't really play with this gun unless you ADS, so the M16 will still have its place in ACR

The increased recoil will make the Mk12 SPR be lethal only with skill, unlike the noob guns like the SMG or M16, where there is basically 0 learning curve.

RE: Mk 12 MOD 0 SPR specs - {KE}bluwarguy - 2013-12-27

m16 is a noob gun? i thought the ak47 was noobish
but i agree with the stats above

RE: Mk 12 MOD 0 SPR specs - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-12-27

LOLOL, there were a few new guys on ACR 2.6 today, and they were......... new. I suggested them towards either the M16 or MP5, and I finally had a challenge. xD

RE: Mk 12 MOD 0 SPR specs - dm.mossberg590a1 - 2013-12-27

M21 has even more recoil, and its basically a "noob" gun also in sniper mode.... the Mk 12 would have to be nerfed if it is going to compete with mainly bolt action rifles like Cheytac. I'm thinking....

1. Ammo: start with 2 spare magazines up to 4 spare magazines (one more than the M21). The magazines would be 20 rounds just like the M21.

2. Power: It would be similar to the AK, 3-4 shot kill.

3. Recoil: the recoil would be pretty small. It would probably be bigger than the M16 and less than the AK.

4. RoF: the RoF could be fast but of course be limited to how fast you can pull the trigger.

5. Semi automatic only, I highly doubt the military uses a fully automatic sniper rifle and actually uses full automatic mode all the time at long distance. Also a fully automatic sniper would be too OP and ruin the fun of sniper mode. The reason why the Mk12 was built on a fully automatic lower was because those lowers had better triggers than the 3 round burst mode.

Basically it'll be a more manageable but less powerful M21 in that it can make up for its lack of power with less recoil.

RE: Mk 12 MOD 0 SPR specs - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-12-27

Semi-auto only? but then there wouldn't really be a reason to use it! I don't think that it qualifies as a sniper rifle in ACR, so it shouldnt be limited to semiauto only.

Yes, one of the reasons why it was built on a fully auto, M16A1 lower was because those have better triggers than the 3 round burst, but even now, SOCOM orders Mk 12s with Geissele SSF triggers, which is selective fire. The Special Forces operators are using their SPRs in many roles, from being a designated marksman, to house to house clearing. The selective fire capability has its place in the SPR imo.

RE: Mk 12 MOD 0 SPR specs - dm.mossberg590a1 - 2013-12-27

Here's my proposed list for the Mk12:

Reload time: 2100
Attack delay: 120
Damage: 35
range: 65
endrange: 100
rangeminus: 15
projspeed: 0
part: 0
spread: 235
spreadrem: 96
kick: 3
addsize: 20
magsize: 21
mdl_kick_rot: 0
mdl_kick_back: 3
recoil: 50
max recoil 59
recoilangle: 62
pushfactor: 1
auto: true

{ "sniper3", S_SNIPER, S_RSNIPER, 2100, 120, 35, 64, 100, 15, 0, 0, 250, 96, 3, 20, 21, 0, 3, 50, 59, 62, 1, true },

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