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In game voice chat - Cjwilly - 2014-04-13

There a lot of FPS games out there that have in-game voice chat. I think that something like that would be of great benefit to ACR. Any thoughts?

RE: In game voice chat - Victor - 2014-04-13

I think this idea has a very low priority on the issue tracker, so I don't think it'll be implemented.

First, we need a good way to send and receive sound through enet packets, and second, server owners might disable it to save bandwidth.

RE: In game voice chat - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-04-14

I have played games where VOIP was essential for gameplay, but not a requirement. In those games, they installed a program called "Mumble" for the voice communications. I never was allowed to "talk with strangers" in my family, so I never used it, and instead developed my 60WPM typing speed on chat, lol

RE: In game voice chat - camper - 2014-04-14

Used in games voice command module?
For example, say the keyword and this is sent to the server standard "radio" message.

RE: In game voice chat - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-04-14

radio as of right now is very clunky. The text and voice that everyone hears is different from the button you press.