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nube server issues - beararms - 2014-06-03

i try to play multiplayer and the servers on the server list are empty,i.e. there are no-one there at any time. is ACR dead or am i not doing something right? i am using ACR portable from i have no idea which file has the server list on it and how to edit it. i am running wine on linux to play ACR. this works fine for AC portable, also from, thru wine and it works fine in finding servers with people on it. thank you for your patients with me. i really am very technologically un-advanced. a detailed explaination for a very noob would be greatly appreciated on how to connect to a server with people on it. thank you

RE: nube server issues - rXn - 2014-06-03

I dont know which version they provide at (I fear 2.5.7?), but anyway, there are not too many players at the moment Tongue

RE: nube server issues - beararms - 2014-06-03

that's a shame, it REALLY is an improvement over AC.

RE: nube server issues - Victor - 2014-06-03

I've moved this to the help section.

RE: nube server issues - Caruni - 2014-06-04

(2014-06-03, 09:49 AM)beararms Wrote: i am running wine on linux to play ACR.

Why not run the native Linux versions of AssaultCube and AssaultCube Reloaded?

Both can be "portable"- as in you can put the directory on a flash drive and carry it around.

RE: nube server issues - rXn - 2014-06-05

[OffTopic] Wine works fine, but on my system (Debian) there is a bug with shadows not being displayed properly. If you lower the shadow setings in the advanced video menu, all is fine again. I'm not shure whether it is or is not because of my graphic card (strange laptop version of Ati' HD 5470 chipset with radeonhd/ati linux drivers). For example they tend to be buggy when trying to play f.e. Tesseract with wine, so maybe wine uses some uncommon hw functions not implemented in the radeonhd driver. [/OffTopic]