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Your Bot Equivalency - ruler501 - 2014-06-25

An interesting measure of skill is how many bots it takes to equal you. I propose a way to find this. I would guess that this is different by map and gamemode so this method might not be universally applicable and the result may not always be correct, but should correlate with the correct amount.
With this method you take some map and play team survivor.
  1. Using manual team control(turn off autoteam first) set your team to have 1 player and the other team to have n=1 bots.
  2. Play 4 rounds of survivor tracking how much you win or lose
  3. If win/loss is 1 or more increase n by 1 and go back to 1.
  4. If win/loss is 1 play 2 more games and go back to 3
  5. if win/loss is less than 1 then that is your bot equivalency.

I would be interested to see this recorded here with information on any modifiers used and what map you played on.

On ac_rattrap_mod1 with the hardcore modifier my bot equivalency was 7

RE: Your Bot Equivalency - Victor - 2014-06-25

This might be a good game mode as a server mod.

RE: Your Bot Equivalency - Fru5tum - 2014-06-25

:p would it do it automaticly or would u have to go in to options and do for instance What can you handle ( bot equivalency test)
B equals how many bots there are and E equals equivalency
K= kills on any map with all bots
D = deaths from bots on any map
So formula is

I had to edit that sorry .-.
I belive this formula will show u how many bots u can kill before you die but thats a bit off
Which one should it be? How many bots it takes before you die starting from one
Everytime you kill a bot bot number increases by one
U kill both bots increase by 1
X = current number of bots
K = current number of kills
P=previous number of bots
E= equivalent
If( K-P=X)
Loop that

RE: Your Bot Equivalency - Caruni - 2014-06-25

This would be a fun mode. Bits are already partially implemented with progressive zombies.

RE: Your Bot Equivalency - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-06-26

I'll definitely try this out. I'll probably be laughing when I get sniped by a bot when I spawn. xD For some reason, even in hipfire, bots are deadly accurate w/ snipers

RE: Your Bot Equivalency - rXn - 2014-06-26

Are they? I thought bots dont "look" through scopes resulting in not hitting you with a sniper at 5m (at least they usually dont hit me Wink

RE: Your Bot Equivalency - ruler501 - 2014-06-26

Bots are really variable on how they shoot. One of my goals for this summer is to get bots to be semi intelligent or at least good enough to get my equivalency down to 3 or so.

RE: Your Bot Equivalency - Fru5tum - 2014-06-26

Hey rxn can I help with AI intelligence? It happens to be one of the things I need to understand more

RE: Your Bot Equivalency - ruler501 - 2014-06-26

Anyone can help out with useful posts or by adding code and submitting a pull request on github.

RE: Your Bot Equivalency - Fru5tum - 2014-06-26


Hey while I your there I need to ask if if decrease the defualt viewing angle