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2.6.2 (2.7 beta 2) - ruler501 - 2014-08-22

  • Fixed many defects detected by Coverity Scan
  • Add missing animations and placeholders for missing world models
  • Fixed reload while zoomed
  • HUD model FOV is decreased back down to 55
  • Different shells depending on weapon type
  • [Backport] Automatically reload the shotgun completely
  • Crosshair for knife, sword, and grenades
  • [Backport] Deathcam: auto-spectate and suicidecam
  • Fix scope transparency (peripheral vision)
  • [Backport] Throwing knife
  • [Backport] Manual team control
  • Add Mk12 and M1911 with temporary values
  • /fakelasertest and /silencertest
  • Cleanup script to delete unnecessary AC packages (since we have to distribute the entire unmodified package)

RE: [Future] 2.7 - rXn - 2014-08-23

I might get access to an Apple computer, so if you give me some time to persuade its owner of the neccessity of installing that XCode monster I might compile some stuff...

RE: [Future] 2.7 - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-08-24

Here's what I felt for this release (Updated as I find bugs)

1. The default FOV is horrendous. It seems like 3 steps were taken back with this modification. On some weaponmodels, you can see where the hands end. I feel that the FOV modification makes movement seem slow and sluggish compared to 2.6 gameplay. Was movement speed actually modified?
2. After you fire until empty while ADS-ing, your character defaults back to ADS mode for about half a second after reload. Rather annoying when you want more view of your area.
3. Pistol can't ADS
4. Why did the scope's "peripheral view" get changed? I have an issue with the aspect ratio too. This is not my fault, as I verified back on my ACR 2.6 Testbed that the scopes are perfectly fine

I really do like the new class system and also the killfeed, though. Killfeed isn't as obtrusive as before.

For now, I think I will stick back with 2.6

Also, I have a sound issue. I was prompted for an oalinst, which I did. not sure if this was the cause. I'm running the game on new hardware this time. The sound either doesn't start or quits after some time (very variable)

Also, Knife can't be thrown sometimes, AK-47 can't ADS.

I propose eliminating the top and bottom lines of the knife crosshair. The huge + to me is very annoying.

RE: [Future] 2.7 - ruler501 - 2014-08-24

2. We'll definitely look into this
3. This is a modeling concern, if one of our great modelers could fix it we'd be very appreciative.(pistol and ak-47)
4. Not sure what you mean by this.

For sound issues to fix it try renaming OpenAL32_*.dll to OpenAl32.dll

RE: [Future] 2.7 - Victor - 2014-08-24

  1. The movement speeds are supposed to be the same, but what's wrong with FOV?
  2. This must be fixed (automatically undo ADS and redo ADS during reload) for 2.7.
  3. Yes, some models and animations are missing in 2.6.1, and this obviously must be fixed for 2.7.
  4. @ruler501, he means the transparency on the scope. This will be fixed for 2.7.
I forgot to remove the crosshair for knife. But keeping the horizontal crosshairs might be a good idea for the knife and grenade.

RE: [Future] 2.7 - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-08-24

Victor, try playing with the AK47 on 1280x800. You can clearly see where the the arms of hands end. Compare this with the previous version's FOV, which almost all of our models are based off of. The hands were clearly not meant to be used in this FOV. They literally look like small toothpicks supporting a weapon. Akimbo looks really really weird. Were there problems with the previous version's FOV?

Why were so many animations messed up? Previous versions of ACR never had these problems before.

Perhaps we should do a poll asking players which FOV they prefer best.

Sound works again, thanks for the tip!

RE: [Future] 2.7 - Victor - 2014-08-25

The HUD gun FOV (55 degrees in 2.6) was reset to the value that AC uses (75 degrees). The FOV was decreased to make the iron sights look better.

This is problematic because AC models would work in ACR (but appear zoomed in), but ACR 2.6 models would not work in AC.

Some animations and models are missing because 2.6.1 was somewhat rushed. Since we have to redo all of the models anyway, there might not be much point to decrease the FOV again.

RE: [Future] 2.7 - deady - 2014-08-25

is there a way to change bot options online? seems the "adjust bots" choice on the online menu is gone.

RE: [Future] 2.7 - Victor - 2014-08-25

@deady, it has to be readded to the online menu. Thanks for reporting the bug.

RE: [Future] 2.7 - DeltaStrikeOp - 2014-08-25

@Victor, I really don't see a justification of the change of HUD FOV. As stated before, the AC models don't even have ADS mode. Also, I disagree with the justification that the iron sights look better in this FOV mode. It is not realistic at all; your view when you look down the sights of your weapon will consist of the sight itself, and very little of the firearm.

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