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Active Players Comment here - warrior - 2016-02-16

Just want a rough idea of what we are working with, I am attempting to get the word out about the game.

RE: Active Players Comment here - asmanel - 2016-02-17

I don't play a lot. I mainly map.

I'm also working on a script mod to improve the ingame map editor.

RE: Active Players Comment here - warrior - 2016-02-18

What I meant was active in the community, since these forums are gettings tons of reads but no replies.

RE: Active Players Comment here - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 2016-02-18

I don't play but I model from time to time Big Grin

RE: Active Players Comment here - {KK}Waleed - 2016-02-19

Same here.
I read all thread but comment less. I am kinid of busy at college so don't get much time to play. But I am active Big Grin

RE: Active Players Comment here - asmanel - 2016-02-19

When I started playing ACR, the last version was the 2.5.5. Since that version, the AI of the bots never was as bad as in the version 2.6.3, the current one.

I never was a very active player and, before, play with bots was a cool way to wait somebody else connect, even if there was AI glitches, but it was far from being like the current version. In theory, this will be fixed in the next version.

This is why I continue create content.

Unlike AC, ACR only have a little community

AC have an important community, with hundreds (maybe thousands) of players. Some tens of them create contents and the others only play.

In the ACR little community, it's different and a more important part of the players create contents.

RE: Active Players Comment here - {KK}Waleed - 2016-02-20

Ye, I agree. ACR needs to grow a lot. Our community is very small and limited to members creating content for ACR.
Here is where I see the problume: ACR is very similar to AC, but has some new features, but the community is so small and inactive in game that if someone came from AC to ACR they would go back to AC very quickly because there isn't a great amount of new features (to presuvade them to play).

We have to add a lot better features (make it look unique and different from AC) and advertise and look to expand our community with better leadership.

RE: Active Players Comment here - .LeXuS'' - 2016-03-11

I and some of my friends are waiting for the new version. if the new version to launch is better than this and have some modifications I play and my other friends too, I will create 24/7 servers; ts3 server 24/7 and will be a very active player, I'm just waiting for the new version ... I think this game will be different and the community will grow, dream of a future with many people and tournaments, but the victor also need to work for that to happen.

Warrior voce é brasileiro?

RE: Active Players Comment here - {KK}Waleed - 2016-03-12

Great ideas .LeXuS''. If you do what you say, then I will defineately be online on your TS and on youer servers but ye, Victor needs to get working.

RE: Active Players Comment here - .LeXuS'' - 2016-03-12

Yes I will, but this game needs modifications, I honestly think vitctor have to forget the COD, remove all the perks, remove the flag indicator and change the crosshair would be good. Simple and good is what matters, why complicate the game? When a player gives spam, is invulnerable, why? The game style assault cube reloaded, is not COD. It's my opinion and many other players, and I think the game would be better if the victor think differently, but well, the administrator is the victor.