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Can we resurrect ACR? - dev - 2017-04-13

I think ACR is a brilliant game, especially for being as small as it is. Credit to Victor for all the improvements on AC, which honestly I think should have been on AC itself.
Unfortunately I'm a few years late to the party and no ones online any more Sad.

I know I might not get any replies, but I see one or two people active on the forums fairly recently, so my question is that there are still plenty of people playing AC, surely we can get people online on ACR too?

RE: Can we resurrect ACR? - Victor - 2017-04-16

ACR is almost dead, but not quite, as there is still infrequent development activity.

RE: Can we resurrect ACR? - asmanel - 2017-04-17

Yes, I think we can resurrect ACR.

The problem, according to what I understood, is only Victor know enough well the acr source code, for now, and he have less free time than before. This is why I tried several times to map the source code to help other people to understand it.

I started an other try last month and but it's an huge task, and it's far from be complete. However, I think I'll be able to complete it this time.

If the mod I want to do is the main reason of this try, your message, dev make me more motivated.

Once the source code mapped, it will be easier to understand, helping to mod and contribute.

After each release, the map will need to be updated, but this won't be as long and hard as start it from scratch.

RE: Can we resurrect ACR? - dev - 2017-04-18

I certainly hope we can.

asmanel, what mods are you trying to do? I would like to help but I'm still learning and can't do much right now.

Also a side note - is there any way to get ACR on Mac?

RE: Can we resurrect ACR? - Victor - 2017-04-18

@asmanel, what exactly is the "map" that you mention?

@dev, in the past, @pwned and I tried compiling for Mac, but it was too difficult to deal with Xcode problems.

RE: Can we resurrect ACR? - asmanel - 2017-04-26

@dev For now, I do it for one mod but, obviously, it also will help me for several other mods I have in mind.

The mod I'm trying to do add a new mode, that is a variant of collect/harvester. I don't think the changed part of the code will be important but I don't know what I'll need to change.

@Victor, For now, I don't know, for now, in what this source code map will exactly consist. In a first time, it will be, for each file, a list of class, structures, function, etc... declared or implemented in the file.

P.S. : oops, after writing this message, several days ago, I forgot to validate it and I just saw it. (luckily, I didn't close the tab, this time)

RE: Can we resurrect ACR? - {KK}Waleed - 2017-05-02

Btw guys I am still active too. I hover over the forums few times a week and I will try to get get involved in ACR development. I am current inexperienced in main programming languages but I know i will pick it up very soon.
My suggestion would be not to worry about the game size, as computers are becoming increasingly powerful and graphics are generally used by many of us, so i don't see increase the game size to something like up to 1 GB. It's just a suggestion and I wish the quality of the game could improve....

RE: Can we resurrect ACR? - dev - 2017-05-18

Well at least there are still a few of us Smile

RE: Can we resurrect ACR? - Nightmare - 2018-04-14

I guess I'll be the first post of 2018 and already 4 months in, and I gotta say that I do miss this game, and even AC or UrT. I haven't been on the forums in four, almost 5 years and I'm glad to see that there are a few players still dedicated to seeing this game survive by the little bit that is it.

gg everyone

RE: Can we resurrect ACR? - dev - 2018-04-15

@Nightmare it's sad because you can still find 4/5 full servers on AC at any time, but nothing on here. If people are serious about trying to bring this back then we need to spread the word on Reddit/wherever we can.
Maybe a little organised "tournament" at a set time and date could help for the few active people to get at least one game, and spark more interest?

Until then at least AC isn't completely dead