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Auto-Build and Release System - Victor - 2020-12-05

At inception, ACR required manual work to package releases.

Eventually, we added Travis CI builds to auto-build the master branch and pull requests to ensure new commits don't break the build (cause the compile to fail). However, releasing was still a manual process.

I also added a script to package ACR into .zip files for releases, but the process was still manual.

GitHub eventually added their own CI system (GitHub Actions).
I moved the build system from Travis CI to GitHub Actions and added a workflow that will build and generate the .zip releases as artifacts.
I also auto-drafts a release when a tag is created, reducing the work of releasing to just adding a description and changelog.

The only current limitation is that linux builds will be only for x64 (amd64), and there are no x86 builds (i386).

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