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New MS Deployment - Victor - 2011-11-25

The beta master-server, which underwent an object-oriented recode, is no longer beta.

The old ms has been redeployed with this new master-server. You may experience bugs, as it is designed for the next version.

RE: New MS Deployment - Foyerhead - 2011-11-26

Is it up yet? Cuz all i see rite now is Dade's server and AK's Server (Which is not working.... can't connect)

RE: New MS Deployment - Victor - 2011-11-26

Then it's working...

I thought you're going to run a 24/7 server...

RE: New MS Deployment - Foyerhead - 2011-11-27

Am Smile

RE: New MS Deployment - Victor - 2011-11-29

Your server is up now...

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