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Unofficial Voice Chat - Foyerhead - 2011-11-27

Hey guys, I have created a little server for the Assault Cube Reloaded players to go on, and voice chat.
RaidCall - The voice chat program
Mic - To chat with other players
Internet Connection - To connect.
Getting Started
Once you have downloaded raidcall, Run the installer. When you first open the program you should get to this page.
[Image: deobbm.jpg]
Click on Create an new account, and fill in the form. After that, just log in. You have completed this part.
Joining the Group
You should be at the Main Page now.
[Image: 2luouu8.png]
Go to Browse Groups, and put in Assault Cube Reloaded in the Search bar. There should be only one group.
[Image: npgku9.jpg]
Select it and click ENTER for Windows RETURN for Mac.
Setting up your Mic
When you are in the voice chat group, you will be assigned a special Hotkey to the program. That hot key is Left CTRL (Windows). You have to push down on the hotkey and hold it down to speak. How do I know? well it says so in the Voice Options below the Chat (Non-Voice).
[Image: 207wz9c.jpg]
You want to push the arrow key next to that, and either:
  1. Change the Hotkey (Click on the little rectangle with the words Left Control, then press the button you want as the hotkey)
  2. Change to Free Chat Mode (CLick on the bubble next to the word)
  3. keep it.
IMPORTANT*If you are running Vista/Windows 7, you have to run it as Administrator, or else when you ain't on the window or in game, you wouldn't be able to talk.
Hint* A green Mic should pop up next to your name when you hold down the hotkey (Or talk in Free Chat Mode)
You can see that there are many little Rectangles (some with locks others, some with Plus boxes next to them, and others just a rectangle)
Green Rectangles: This is a channel. You can enter it by double clicking it. You will only speak and hear to/from the people in that channel (Green rectangle)
Green Rectangle with Lock: This is also a channel. This channel is password protected, so you will not be able to join unless you know the password, or have been moved there. Or you are a staff member
Green Rectangle with a Plus box: This is a channel. It indicates that it has many sub channels under it. IF you do not wish to the sub channels, click on the Minimize (Minus) box. If you want to see it, leave it, or click on the Plus box.
Clan Channel Request
I am still accepting applications for channel requests for Clans*. If you want one for your clan, please PM me with this filled out.
Clan Name:
Clan Tag:
How Many Members:
Does the majority of the clan use it? (With mics):
Staff needed:
We are in need of some ACTIVE people to help monitor this Voice-Chat.
Open Positions:
  • Moderator (3)(Check if anyone is breaking the rules)
  • Techical Assistant (2)(Must understand this program, and must be at the Help Desk Channel Most of the time when they are online)
  • Coming Soon!

Please POST BELOW with this application filled out COMPLETELY.
Are you Active?:
What Position?:
Time Zone:
Hours on:
Days on:
Why Do you want to join the staff?:
I, (Your name here), will read all the rules thoroughly. I will not break them, unless of an extreme emergency, and I will help make the Voice Chat a stable, monitored community. I will assist when I have to, and I will ban when one has completely disgarded the rules. I will not Black List unless state person has broken the rules more than once.
That's it guys! Hope you guys enjoy this group I setup, and talk SH!T with me xD. I'll be on. Rep me if you think this was a good solid guide, too me like 20 mins xD. Enjoy!

RE: Voice Chat for Assault Cube Reloaded - Victor - 2011-11-27

Since there is no voice chat for ACR's game, this is the unofficial alternative.

RE: Voice Chat for Assault Cube Reloaded - pwned - 2011-11-27

lol there are so many alternatives. such as teamspeak, vent, xfire (i perfer xfire)... even skype lol

RE: Voice Chat for Assault Cube Reloaded - Foyerhead - 2011-11-27

No one is going to use it? -_-
I want to get everyone who plays ACR on there, so we can talk while we game... Instead of having Victor here knife me everytime I try to type..... and IT would be better for dual commentaries and stuff like that.

RE: Voice Chat for Assault Cube Reloaded - Nightmare - 2011-11-27

thats cool

RE: Voice Chat for Assault Cube Reloaded - LMFAO! - 2011-11-27

Ill hop on right now =P

RE: Voice Chat for Assault Cube Reloaded - Victor - 2011-11-27

(2011-11-27, 04:34 PM)Foyerhead Wrote: Instead of having Victor here knife me everytime I try to type.....

I used a sword, that's not knifing.

RE: Voice Chat for Assault Cube Reloaded - Foyerhead - 2011-11-27

Your right. sorry if I offended you.

RE: Unofficial Voice Chat - Victor - 2011-11-27

Please don't quote posts in front of you.

I updated the title, because this is "unofficial". If it was the "official" voice chat, it would be built right into the engine, but wastes too much server bandwidth to do so.

RE: Unofficial Voice Chat - Foyerhead - 2011-11-27

Wait, did you buy your server bandwidth? Maybe I can help expand it?

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