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Bomber Mode - Victor - 2011-12-01

This is very similar to "search and destroy" and "sabotage", but you can spawn after 5 seconds of waiting (like any flag mode), and 2 bombs are in play.

You can call it "reverse/inverse CTF".

You pickup your own flag (bomb), and go suicide bomb the enemy base.
If you're successful, your bomb goes off and you score a point.
If not, and the enemy touches your bomb, they "defuse it" and you need to get a new one from your base.

RE: Bomber Mode - Nightmare - 2011-12-01


RE: Bomber Mode - Foyerhead - 2011-12-03

cool dude finally[ Big Grin

RE: Bomber Mode - The iGamer - 2011-12-03


RE: Bomber Mode - Snipe - 2011-12-05

Its good, except when the bots pick it up... can you make it so they cant? otherwise, the game can get ruined if your only in single player....

RE: Bomber Mode - Victor - 2011-12-05

  1. You can always use /subdue <cn>
  2. Development is being made so that bots navigate with flags.

RE: Bomber Mode - Snipe - 2011-12-06

So does subdue make them drop the flag?

RE: Bomber Mode - Victor - 2011-12-06

No, you should try it then see.

Open the game and type "/subdue 0" or even "/subdue".

RE: Bomber Mode - Snipe - 2011-12-07

I tried it Smile Nice Smile Would that command work for campers in the future? lol

RE: Bomber Mode - Victor - 2011-12-07

It already works for campers.

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