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Bots, Powerups, etc - Haku - 2011-12-30

Hi, i'm trying to host a server (at least sometimes). I'd like to know if it's somehow possible to

1) Turn off/set number of bots serverside

2) Disable those Running-Fast Power-Ups and similar

3) Maybe prevent damage from falling down?

And of course i would appreciate a "real" (T)OSOK mode Wink

Greetings Smile

RE: Bots, Powerups, etc - Victor - 2011-12-30

1) /botbalance <number of players to balance to, -1 for automatic, 0 for none>
2) Those are called perks. Some are client sided, some server sided, but you can disable them by sending PERK_NONE to the clients with a server mod.
3) Requires a server mod, like number 2.

There is already a "real" T/OSOK mode. Just vote (team-)real-sniping-survivor (deathmatch).

RE: Bots, Powerups, etc - Haku - 2011-12-31

Thank you very much. Well as for now, it's perfect as it is Smile

Greetings Smile

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