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Bloody headshots - Victor - 2011-12-31

All headshot damage will be shown with blood being "projected" to the wall.

[Image: xGCDi.jpg]

Of course, all blood and gore can be disabled with "/blood 0", which bypasses this.

RE: Bloody headshots - Nightmare - 2011-12-31


RE: Bloody headshots - pwned - 2011-12-31

lol this game just got more bloody-er

RE: Bloody headshots - Victor - 2012-01-01

I should fix the engine's blood so that it can hit sides of walls, so then you will see the blood "fly" to the wall instead of it merely appear instantly projected onto the wall.

RE: Bloody headshots - Snipe - 2012-01-02

Cool feature Big Grin

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