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RE: Regarding the Crashes - Victor - 2011-12-31

You could read only important files that I coded in (such as commits).

RE: Regarding the Crashes - RPG - 2011-12-31

I cannot analyze all your commits - I have no time. If you say me where is the crash, I say you where is the mistake.

RE: Regarding the Crashes - Victor - 2011-12-31

If I knew where the crash is, it would already be fixed.

All I can say is that the official server crashes with "Segmentation fault". pwned's report ( is pretty much the same thing (error is a segmentation fault).

P.S. I made dynlight VARP in the SVN.

EDIT: merged with 2.3.4 thread!

RE: 2.3.4 - Nightmare - 2012-01-01


RE: Regarding the Crashes - Snipe - 2012-01-02

But I don't think its just about the servers. Because on both of my pcs, roughly 2-3 minutes into playing, it freezes then gives me a fatal error. And I'm not on the servers....

RE: Regarding the Crashes - Victor - 2012-01-02

@Nightmare: Today
@Snipe: It's all the server's crashes, but the client includes server code.

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