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Editmode Cheat (Mitigation) - Victor - 2011-05-09

This is your chance to cheat without "severe" repercussions. In the SVN version right now, you can use /edithack 1 and go edit on a multi-player server while everyone is fighting, in other words: without coopedit!

You won't get banned, but you'll see what happens... Believe me it is a quite funny approach towards the cheaters.

SPOILER: Look at your score after doing this.

RE: Editmode Cheat - macm - 2011-05-10

hmm, what if someone codes an anti-gib cheat? Tongue

RE: Editmode Cheat - Victor - 2011-05-10

There is already an "anti-gib" cheat. Use /gib 0 and gibs will not be rendered. However, they will still die and lose points.

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