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Better Perks - ------- - 2012-04-04

The Perks are a nice addition to the game, but the weight that they should give the gameplay is missing. Perks need to be heavier, for instance the more health perk should give you ~150 health at the start, as 20 additional health don't really change anything.
Also, what about a nightvision perk? Big Grin I want to have maps with more light/shadow contrast, and for that perk, wouldn't the following work: /gamma 250 and a green overlay. Of course this perk would be useless if the player can modify the gamma, I don't know if there is a way around.

Edit: Also, what is the "increased time effects" perk? I can't figure it out.

RE: Better Perks - Victor - 2012-04-04

1. Suggestions to
2. "Timed effects" as in bleeding, healing, etc.