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Healing - Victor - 2011-07-01

I am thinking of adding a healing feature where you can heal teammates or enemies (if you want to) or even yourself. Do you have any ideas of how I can implement this?

RE: Healing - macm - 2011-07-04

(2011-07-01, 03:58 PM)Victor Wrote: I am thinking of adding a healing feature where you can heal teammates or enemies (if you want to) or even yourself. Do you have any ideas of how I can implement this?

This would have to be in another mode?
i like it, but with health regeneration this doesnt make any sense.
with this fast passed gameplay, it doesnt fit (imo), unless there was bigger maps (wich i think it should have given the weapons accuracy).

The only mode i can think of for this is survival :|

RE: Healing - Victor - 2011-07-04

In modes where you have to wait to respawn (survivor, last swiss standing), you may be left with low health without regen. Then you can heal your teammate (team survivor) or heal yourself in exchange for not being able to attack for some time.

According to the code, your health may not automatically regenerate if the game mode is a "duel" (no respawn) mode. Then you have to heal yourself or a teammate (which makes you more vulnerable to teammates).

The question is, how should I implement healing? A healing weapon that does negative damage?

RE: Healing - macm - 2011-07-06

Ahh yes, sounds good Victor, negative damage or perhaps restore health to 100?
x = health - 100 (x is the negative damage to heal back to 100hp)

May i sugest something else?
With smart bots playing multiplayer:
*A cooperative mode, players on one team, bots on another, objectives are capture a flag on the bots base or simply kill all bots (bots get kicked once they die).

*Zombie mode, players on one team, bots on another, bots use knife only, objective is to survive.

This Healing feature could be used in both this modes, to heal your teammates.

RE: Healing - Victor - 2011-07-06

Team-survivor with bots on one team and everyone else on the other team.

A zombie mode would be the same, except that bots only get a knife and that your teammates would die to quickly if knifed.

But how would healing be added? A weapon that fires a shot but heals? And how would the weapon model look like?

RE: Healing - macm - 2011-07-06

A seringe? Big Grin
Animation: just press the seringe
Make it like the knife, no shots needed, if you're in that range you will be healed.

RE: Healing - Victor - 2011-07-07

I thought about a syringe at first, but don't air-filled syringes kill people? It should be filled with a liquid, but this engine can't handle liquids very well.

A knife is the same as a gunshot, but it drops the damage from 100 at 75 centimeters to 0 at 1 meter.

I will start the code, but the weapon model will just look like a knife for now.

RE: Healing - sn1p3r_sh0t - 2011-07-14

ehhh what about making a medic class? just like AR n sniper n shit, only then you get a healing gun like in team fortress 2?
or medkits are being picked up and needa be used, which would take, say 3 sec? another button will heal the closest teammate, need detection of not going trough walls and shit- then for dead teammates there'd be shock pads to revive, restoring 50 HP? all those r from L4D2
and during those 3 sec u cant move, unless u cancel it and try again later?

RE: Healing - Victor - 2011-07-14

I think it will be a weapon that will heal the nearest visible teammate within a meter of you, but if not possible it will heal yourself. It will heal 1 HP every 30 milliseconds, taking 3 seconds to heal 100 health. It might be good to place it as a primary weapon (they will still have their pistol), or everyone could have the weapon.

This gun is present in the SVN source code, but is unusable (no ammo). It is identical to the knife and needs to be fixed in order to heal players.

RE: Healing - sn1p3r_sh0t - 2011-07-15

yay! Big Grin like in TF2, and my guess is that they'll also have their knife?

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