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Cheat Detection - Victor - 2011-07-04

Do you have suggestions of how I can implement this? I am planning that if a player gets 10 headshots per non-headshot (10 headshot ratio) with headshots an average of 1 second apart or less in the last minute, they get auto-kicked or auto-banned for an hour.

RE: Cheat Detection - macm - 2011-07-06

The cheats i remember in 104 are:
Speedhack (server detects client gamespeed?)
Aimbot (detect accuracy perhaps? idk)
HS Aimbot (like you said, hs ratio or maybe set a HS/min value?
Fly (entering editmode while not in edit mode (already fixed))
See hitbox or players position through walls (i have no idea)
Unlimited or high magazine (check client mag, server side)
Unlimited health or armor (check client stats, server side)
Low recoil and spread (no idea)
Teleport (server checks clients position)
Colecting ammo and health far away (the server already logs this right?)

Servers could auto-ban when this happens and report it on a side text file with ip and logs

RE: Cheat Detection - Victor - 2011-07-06

Speedhack: I tried speed-hack detection, but it has false positives when lagging.

Aimbot: I think it will measure the accuracy and amount of degrees to aim/if it always hits the same spot (to the nearest 4 centimeters)

Flyhack: detect if somebody has low gravity?

Wallhack: In theory, it is undetectable. Maybe add a 5 deathstreak wallhack to balance it out if a wallhacker dominates you.

Unlimited ammo/health/armor: Already fixed; server-sided

Recoil: I don't know either

Spread: Already server-sided

Teleport: same type as speed hack

Collecting ammo and health far away: not possible because it is server-sided.

RE: Cheat Detection - Dade - 2011-09-01

IMO even more important than detection is how the game is going to handle the bans. About this, what about using motherboard ID or something very harder to trick out?


RE: Cheat Detection - Victor - 2011-09-01

This game is open-source, therefore only IP address bans are effective. But this game uses bans as a last resort. Basically whenever somebody cheats and it is detected, they get gibbed by the server.

RE: Cheat Detection - Dade - 2011-10-02

When you say 'it's opensource' you mean it would be hard to build a serial detection tool for all the OS of the game, or what exactly?

IMO, even if the AC is good, you can't leave it all the work. Most times, cheaters detection are made by users reviewing replays Smile


RE: Cheat Detection - Victor - 2011-10-02

It would be easy to build a serial detection tool for all the OS of the game.

However, it would be easier to spoof that when sending it to the server.

RE: Cheat Detection - RPG - 2011-10-02

Speedhack - fail due to nadejuming or riflejumping.
Aimbot - hard to detect
HS Aimbot - maybe... but if you lucky and first three frags are headshots? Or pro vs noobs?
Fly - nadejumpers fly tooSmile
See hitbox or players position through walls - do not send info about invisible players (server's cpu load)
Unlimited or high magazine - server sided mag
Unlimited health or armor - server sided health
Low recoil and spread - impossible to detect on server
Teleport - what about laggers?
Colecting ammo and health far away - laggers usually do this.

Client sided cheat detection - you must redistribute only binaries (linux users have to compile client yourself due to different distributives.

Also i have to say that server-sided damage and reload produces huge lags! Reloading too laggy.

RE: Cheat Detection - Victor - 2011-10-02

Riflejumping - fail due to ricochet shots
Spread is 100% corrected, at expense of lag
Collecting items - server-sided

Soon, wallhack prevention can be possibly done: don't send position of clients invisible to a person.

RE: Cheat Detection - pwned - 2011-10-02

for fly, maybe calculate the time they are off the ground? like max 5 seconds off the ground (twintower) and if they exceed the time, kick?

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