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Hello All - HyperFlow - 2012-08-21

Hi All Guys, Im HyperFlow Big Grin
i start play ACR when the game start, im not watching many player online at same moment but i want MORE XD see ya all in game! Big Grin
pd: where can i find a noob tutorial to make a server?

RE: Hello All - Victor - 2012-08-21

Welcome to ACR! We are on a deficit of players and servers.

I wrote a tutorial:

RE: Hello All - HyperFlow - 2012-08-21

EDIT: quote above you removed.

ty dude!! (i didnt understand the tutorial lol [bad english])

RE: Hello All - pwned - 2012-08-21

Do not quote the post above you.
welcome to ACR

RE: Hello All - HyperFlow - 2012-08-22

ty vic!! i do the server: connect 28770

RE: Hello All - pwned - 2012-08-22

that's your internal ip. we need your external ip to connect. is it 24/7?