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Outer Wall Texture - orwek - 2012-08-24

I have got most of the basics down and have nearly completed my first map. (My brother and I will test it out this weekend. I have played a few games with bots on it, and it still needs some tweaking.)

One of the questions I have not found an answer to is:
How do I change the texture of the outer walls of the map?

I have done a fill one cube in on all sides and changed the wall texture of that, but it is a waste of precious cubes (and time) to do that each time. Is there a way to change the texture of the existing outer walls?

Many thanks,


RE: Outer Wall Texture - pwned - 2012-08-24

what do you mean "outer walls"? do you mean by the one that you cannot select? for that you can't. you need to add another layer in front of it to change the texture.

RE: Outer Wall Texture - orwek - 2012-08-24

Yes, that is what I mean.

Ok, good to know. I will make those adjustments today and hopefully have a beta ready map by next week.

I started with a size 7 map which seems a bit small to me, is there a default size that the developers are looking for? Or are they just looking for good maps in general, regarless of size?

I'm trying to follow the "Good Maps" guidelines they established here on the forum.


RE: Outer Wall Texture - Nightmare - 2012-08-24

7 or 8 are good to me

RE: Outer Wall Texture - Victor - 2012-08-24

The map size doesn't matter, unless you have a large empty space.

RE: Outer Wall Texture - orwek - 2012-08-27

Thanks for the input. I tried a size 8 map and that feels like a better size for the maps I have drawn up so far.

One question I did have: Is there a relationship between mapsize and the number of bots single player mode with let you have? My size 7 map only allowed three bots and myself, when I specified 6 bots in the game settings.

Is there a "bot limit" control somewhere in the map settings that I have missed, or does the map need to be bigger to allow more bots to play?

I haven't tried it in multiplayer yet, my brother is coming over on Wednesday to help me do some Alpha testing. I hope to have two maps ready by then so I can post them here for Beta testing by the weekend.

What is the standard protocol for map distribution?

RE: Outer Wall Texture - Victor - 2012-08-27

For bots, it's based on some algorithms:
Progressive = explained elsewhere
Zombies = 15 zombies + 1 for each human
Survivor = the map size - 3
Team = (RED spawns + BLUE spawns) / 3, 4 default
FFA = FFA spawns / 3, 2 default

For all, except zombies, it will add as many bots to one team as needed to balance the teams.

As you can see, it might need some tweaking...

RE: Outer Wall Texture - orwek - 2012-08-27

Ok, Team is what I am after.

So I just need to add more spawn points for each team so the total number /3 is the number I want.



RE: Outer Wall Texture - Victor - 2012-08-27

Actually, 2.5.4 has a fix that clamps the auto bots (lol, see what I did there?) to 4-10 (FFA) / 6-14 (team)...

RE: Outer Wall Texture - orwek - 2012-08-30

My brother came over last night and we played each map for about an hour. Got some good feedback from him.

The smaller map I can probably have ready by this weekend. The larger map still needs a fair amount of work and probably a second Alpha test once it is closer to completion.

What is the recommended method to distribute maps?