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AK-47 - Victor - 2012-11-24

I'm considering to add it as a new weapon, but here are my ideas:
  • 600 RPM (slower fire rate)
  • Higher damage than the AR, but equal damage with the SMG only at close range

RE: AK-47 - Nightmare - 2012-11-24

Make it so it has high damage at close range and less damage past 20M

RE: AK-47 - Victor - 2012-11-24

The point is so that it fires slower than the Assault Rifle, but is compensated as it does more damage.

RE: AK-47 - roims[fin] - 2012-11-25

AK-47 could be more recoil than ar.

RE: AK-47 - jonaspm - 2012-11-26

sounds interesting and cool!

RE: AK-47 - Victor - 2012-12-23

I've decided some AK-47 stats:
600 RPM
49-25 damage (12-30 m)

I can add it to 2.5.6, and release it soon, but there will be no model...

RE: AK-47 - DeltaStrikeOp - 2012-12-27

Hey Victor, can you make its hipfire crosshairs something between the M21 and the MP5(k)? I would love the variety of ARs! Oh, btw, are you gonna make it faction based (Red=Communist - AKM)?

RE: AK-47 - Victor - 2012-12-28

It won't be faction based because that's unfair. In the future, maybe different skins/models/sounds based on faction, but the weapons must have the same damage/spread/recoil/ammo.

RE: AK-47 - DeltaStrikeOp - 2012-12-31

Hey victor, could you maybe make it an AR-10? That way, you can still use the M16 model, and not many people would notice it. Alternatively you could make it into a 7.62x39mm slinger like the SR-47 by KAC. The only thing you would have to do is make the mag curved. I never liked AKs anyway. Tongue

RE: AK-47 - Victor - 2012-12-31

Well, it would be better to add the AK-47 because it was already decided. The gameplay purpose of the AK-47 is so that it is harder because you need to be more accurate due to to lower rate of fire, but it should give higher damage output.

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